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AnasayfaSanayi BilgisiClassical oil painting techniques

Classical oil painting techniques


oil painting,oil painting on canvas: oil painting,oil painting and the frame must first create Beng cloth, this classical oil painting,oil painting andoil painting,oil painting

 the same direct, no choice: as much as possible the necessary conditions so choose linen, the best rain-Azabu, canvas the latitude and longitude lines to tidy symmetry, can not have Leakage texture and too much Xiantou .... Must not choose finished canvas, above the expected end of unknown composition, permeability, cracking and discoloration. (But oil painting,oil painting is painted lines can be used)

Beng canvas after a good start to the end, so there are two general at the end, the end of the oil and Jiaodi, Jiaodi not suitable for rendering classical oil painting,oil painting, oil at the end of the ideal, but at the end of the oil production of complex, well After six months to the end of the drawing to oil painting,oil painting, a longer cycle, not suitable for beginners, here on a convenient way possible to do at the end, the end of oil and all have a bit of Jiaodi, and convenience.

This is the end of the end of acrylic, specific practices are as follows:

Beng good in the first brush on the canvas again on the latex, latex will not increase in the water, (the latex must be genuine) must brush absorbed, can not have thickness, Shuawan after drying, avoid the sun and heaters for! After the dry latex polished with fine sand paper formation.

Upon completion of polished white acrylic with a large number, acrylic Hey, a small amount of water + reconcile with milk into a thick brush again, grinding dry before using sandpaper, then this method brush twice and third times after the completion of final polishing two Zaishua Times, keep in mind that this twice Do not use sandpaper polished. This, acrylic has been produced at the end. Is relatively simple » But at the end of this higher cost.

We wrote this interest to see whether there are, please give me some encouragement, otherwise I would not have the confidence to go on nonsense

After doing a good job at the end of three days, we can draw a oil painting,oil painting, the first step is setting out, a number of means, such as Pufen, sulfuric acid paper transfer method, the projector projection and so on, but I still feel Jiugong Ge Better.

Is to find an appropriate size of 1 mm thickness of plexiglass, and is zoned Tiebi above 0.5 cm square on the grid, put Yang Gao, Yang Gao occupy look at the number of lattice, and then use 4 B in pencil on canvas oil painting,oil painting on the same grid, We must light pencil lines, just to see, is because of a heavy pencil lines and oil paints in the chemical reaction. And then use charcoal of the grid by setting out, after the completion of James ink brush used to describe once again, similar to China's Baimiao. Then blowing balloons (photographic supplies stores selling) Chuidiao charcoal grey, not by hand or brush Shan, the screen will be defaced.

When the line on dry, you can use a linen-+2 of turpentine oil, oil painting,oil painting to reconcile (based on the performance of the target color) Cover with a layer of the screen. Do not use a single-flax oil or turpentine. Such as color of the stem after the access to the next step.

Before entering the next step we have to learn the production of several media 1, cellulose glue 2, 3 Madi latex resin or resin Dama of the media. Below were introduced .....

Cellulose glue: from a cellulose powder +25 times after mixing water at 8-24 hours (that is the post office is right Popular with the paste, is much more than thin paste)

Dama Varnish: the Dama resin grinding into powder, into the dry container, then pour into 2 times the turpentine, I decked vessel closure, and just take 2-3 days, to be completely melted after the Dama resin , To filter impurities will be available.

Latex production: cellulose glue a flax-oil + + Dama Varnish half of the full-stirring, and then adding three water (as required modest add)

Dama resin of the media: + cooked Dama Varnish a walnut oil or flax-oil cooked a stir, not to stir too many times, like Momo, (such as the sick man of Momo)

White emulsion reconcile titanium white, bright screen-to mention the Department. Painting is a pen Zhanshang this white Tu Yu-liang of the screen, with another clean T will close on the dark shape at the junction to the brightness of white light at the junction of direction erased, the goal is to make face-white close At the junction of brightness and lightness-of the other places are different, so that light of the changes.

Learning classical oil painting,oil painting recommendations we see more of Ingres, Rubens, where. Grams of love, and other masters of oil painting,oil painting. Another domestic Jin Shangyi, Guo-wen, Yang Feiyun and other works are also very good example of the study.

- Ministry of dry white, with white canvas Dao blowing all over, and then full-screen Cover with another thin layer of transparent color with the media agent. At this point, cover with second layer has been completed.

In the third coloring, not transparent use of pure color of the entire media to smear a thin screen, is designed to allow to be painted on the bottom of color and color better convergence, every color on a need before this A repeat

oil painting,oil painting style is to write, direct oil painting,oil painting and classical oil painting,oil painting can be tried realist style, with no restrictions, direct oil painting,oil painting and classical oil painting,oil paintingof the difference between the different production process, as that depends entirely on each oil painting,oil painting style preferences.

In addition some of the current academic trend is not see many strange, millions of Biejiao true, we are all Fanfusuzi, Seasky many things one step back, before oil painting,oil painting such a state of mind.

Below on the dark screen on the Department of oil painting,oil painting.

On the handling of the dark I simplify a number of steps, and some of the traditional distinction between classical oil painting, a thick oil painting, but with not a solid color, but according to reconcile the needs of the target-color, color-brightness can not be too low, But in a palette of white and the redeployment of other clever paint, color tends to target whichever is the color, but the target than the shallow and powder, in order to leave room to cover with.

Range on the screen issue, is another headache for the painter, after art boost oil absorption of color Bianhui, do not see the right colors, the old and new color effects of the convergence, in this regard, I tested the domestic production of many media, both Is not satisfactory, some even on the screen has damaging effects, the former Soviet Union's largest garlic juice with artists not satisfactory, but good news is already a finished product imports in the domestic sale of the media, both in the oil absorption of the Tu-layer , To restore the original color, but also for the old and the new color of a good convergence, and can also replace Madi resin of the media, and fast-drying, this is the media of "force" and English name liquin, is just The high cost of media, the general fear that hard to study painting, is better than no good.

Do not say to millions of guidance, ah, mutual exchanges, Buman we, in fact, I am also a rookie class. At the end of the best home-made materials, finished at the end because you do not know that he expected the ingredients, and the proportion of the production process. Paintings do not know what the impact would be. I used oil painting,oil painting before Van Gogh's, I feel very good, but the economy is on can not afford, even with the British High, a British art institutions of the students, I feel pretty good, the price is cheap, is cheap Wumart, white paint is Japan's good, but domestic Nanmai comparison, domestic use less paint as much as possible, 10 years later you will regret it, but oil painting,oil painting to oil painting,oil painting, sketching and on the external walls of your oil painting,oil painting can be used, there are domestic paints Several relatively good quality, such as domestic Windsor. Newton's red soil and Tuhuang on Yes, I do not have the other. On the cover with traditional Chinese oil painting,oil painting techniques and the feeling of Fine Brushwork Cover with a very similar techniques, just do a water media, mixed with a resin to the media.

A latex forget, you can reconcile the titanium white pigment and oil painting,oil painting can also be applied to the oil-absorbing media as the color of the oil painting,oil painting, to temporarily restore the original luster, and this emulsion do not have to spend a penny, and the quality of absolute Excellent! This emulsion is your words! But do not just eating ice cream with the saliva ah.

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