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AnasayfaSanayi BilgisiHydrochloric acid corrosive goods tank transport semi-trailer

Hydrochloric acid corrosive goods tank transport semi-trailer


DTA9404GFW Corrosive Container Tank Trailer

【The main technical parameters】

Product trademark

Special license

Announcement batch


product name

DTA9404GFW Corrosive Container Tank Trailer

Product ID


Total mass (Kg)


Tank volume (m3)


Rated load quality (Kg)


Overall size (mm)


Service quality (Kg)


Carriage size (mm)

× ×

Rated passenger ( person )


The total weight of quasi trailers (Kg)


The number of passengers in the cab


Load quality utilization factor


Approach angle / departure angle (°)

-/twenty four

Front suspension / rear suspension (mm)


Number of leaf springs


Steering Type


Number of axes


Wheelbase (mm)


Number of tires


Tire specifications

11.00R20 12PR, 12R22.5 12PR

Front track (mm)


Rear track (mm)


Axis load (Kg)

-/24000 ( with three axes installed )

The maximum speed (Km/h)



The effective volume of the tank : 29.8 cubic meters ; Medium : hydrochloric acid , acetic acid , sulfurous acid , phosphoric acid , hydrogen peroxide solution , sodium hydroxide solution , sodium hypochlorite solution , density : 1030 kg / m3 ; tank size (mm): total length 10,600 mm, an outer diameter of 2100 mm; optional activities tank top guardrail, select the tank rotational molding anti-corrosion technology; optional fender styling, ABS system manufacturers for the West Guangzhou City of automotive Electronics equipment Co., Ltd., model XH-GQ4S2M -E01. the side shielding materials made of Q235, is connected to the carriage bolt, the protective material used is made of Q235, is connected to the welding frame, the rear guard section size is 130 × 50, ground clearance 510mm, using suitable for dangerous goods transport tractor pulling a trailer; dangerous goods category item No. 8 class

Caustic hydrochloric acid corrosive articles tank transport semi-trailer tank steel liner technology.

Steel lining plastic tank (tortoise lining - steel, mesh, plastic triple ) is the essence of steel-plastic composite products. Using pure linear low-density modified polyethylene (LLDPE) as raw material, the rotomolding process is used to combine the steel plate, steel mesh (shell tortoiseshell) and polyethylene organically. The thickness of the lining can reach 15-20mm, and the plastic liner can not be separated from the turtle. Split, both steel container strength and pressure resistance, but also full of all the characteristics of plastic and rubber products, and longer life, more cost-effective, is a new generation of safe, efficient, low-cost storage and transportation equipment. The inner lining of the product is smooth, smooth and strong, with no leakage, no toxicity, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and other advantages. Steel-lined plastic products are widely used in chemical industry, storage and transportation, environmental protection, medicine, ancient oil, power plants, food, brewing and other industries.

Steel lined tank body in which corrosion resistance FRP multiple transport tanks can partially replace stainless steel titanium, nickel, high alloy steel and other materials, storage and transportation of dangerous goods products meet the regulations, is safe, efficient corrosion-resistant storage containers. The product complies with the GB/T 5009.85-2003 hygiene standard and can be used to replace food-grade solutions in stainless steel containers.
We are a member company of Yuchai Group. which is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise integrating hazardous chemicals transport tanks, liquefied gas transporters, tank containers, pressure vessels, and special vehicles. The company produces ISO tank containers that comply with GB standards and IMDG standards. And all kinds of pressure vessels, China has now obtained China A2 (low- and medium-pressure vessels of Class III), B3 (special gas cylinders), C3 (tank containers), C2 (vehicle tanker) pressure vessel manufacturing permits, and Chinese vessels. CCS certification of the classification society, U.S. ASME code U stamping certification and British Lloyd's Register LR certification; the company also has the National Development and Reform Commission announced the special vehicle modification qualification and steel lining plastic tank production license qualification, is the largest domestic steel lining plastic chemical tanker The tank tank production base is a leading company in the production of liquid transport vehicles and rotomolding processing industries in China's chemical industry.

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